Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perfect gift for the Star Wars Fan on your list !

Hi Diva,

I can’t believe we only have 16 shopping until Christmas. Wow time is running fast. Today as I was shopping to get something special for my significant other, I found something great that is fashionable and at the same time can feed your husbands or boyfriend inner child.

Do I have you intrigued? If, your other half shares like mine a passion for Star Wars, here is the gift, he will truly love.

Mark Eckos joined forces with the STAR WARS brand and deigned a Galaxy. This is limited edition tees, hoodies, and jackets are inspired by the intergalactic saga. Featuring fan favorites such as: Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Chewbacca, Storm troopers, Darth Vader and More.

While the hoodies, run from $69.00 to $100.00 if you shop for them on-line, I found a great deal when you go to the Marc Ecko Store located in our favorite mall, "Aventura Mall", they are on $29.99. I suggest that if you really like this, you start heading to the mall, because they have limited quantities and at this price they are selling like hot cakes.

May the Force be with you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Diva Bargain Alert! “Coach Totes for less than $100”

I was truly amazed with the Coach brand this year; they have re-vamped their line and made it more fun, youthful and affordable. Coach had me at mesmerized with their metallic, Poppy collection, was as in for a pleasant surprise when and I saw the price for their totes start at less than $200.

You may be saying ok, all this sounds ok, but an I want a true steal. As you know a true Diva never buys anything for full price, she hunts for with her credit cards always ready to CHARGE, for the perfect opportunity to arrive. So don’t think that this Diva will let you go out there, without any tools, that’s why, I included this great coupon that allows you to get an additional 20% off your local Coach Factory Store, before the 13th of December.

Good luck on your hunt!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SHOPPING DIVA ALERT!!!! Tops for under $7.50, great gifts for the holidays.

I just had to fill you in, on some great deals that are happening at your local Macys store. Trust me these are way better than any of the ones I saw, during Black Friday.

When you head to MACYS, go to the junior department, these tops are located under racks that say 80% off.

This tops are truly a steal for this price, especially if you like most of us are holiday shopping on a budget.

To get an even better deal you can use this coupon, for Friends & Family, that will help you to get an additional 25% off of any sale item (expires on the 7th of December).

Good luck on your shopping hunt!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I just found this amazing deal and I thought that I should let you know about. Macys has this wonderful deal that with the coupon attached, you will save $10.00for every $25.00 you spend the only thing you have to do is, print the coupon, and go shopping!!

Tricks of the trade: print more than one coupon and go to different register, you will amaze on how much you can save. Please remember that this copupn is only good until 1:00pm.

So let me know how your shopping adventure went?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

VIP Shopping Bag Deals

I just found out a great deals on VIP Shopping Bags,it comes from Bath & Body Works. On Black Friday, they are offering a very impressive deal, you will get a very cute metalic fuchia bag filled with 10 very impressive products, valued of $100 for $15.00. (the catch you have to spend over $40.00). If you are a customer of Bath & Body Works you can recognize that this is a Diva approved Deal. Just think how many gifts you can get for your Friends and family by dividing the products that come in the VIP Bag.

Aventura shopping Diva reporting for Duty


If you are reading this, you like me share passion not only for shopping but for getting a good deal. That's why decided to create this blog to Share all the knowledge I have gained after many years of serious shopping,and researching where to get amazing deals.

you can feel free to write me and ask me about special discounts or if you are in the market for designer clothing or shoes, I could probably tell you what stores will offer the best prices.

Waiting to hear from my fellow shopping divas!

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